vendredi 18 mars 2011

Under 100 : The Chest

Here's a second low poly object. A kind of "new-hell art" chest with only 88 tris.

lundi 7 mars 2011

Under 100 : Low poly stuff

I've decided to create several objects with a very low polycount.

Here's the first : A metal crate with only 12 tris.

dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Primal Carnage : Props

I'm currently working as a props artist for an indie development : Primal Carnage

Here's the art test I've made and my first props for the game.

mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Smashing Ballz : Balls (UDK)

Those are the balls I've created for a game which I worked on with Pascal Le Merrer.

Smashing Ballz Bots (UDK)

Some screenshots of the assets for the bots I've done for Smashing Ballz. (They've been done on UDK)

jeudi 5 août 2010

End of year work : props

Here is some stuff from the end of year work. These are a part of all the props I've done for the train and for the train station.

As it was a PSP demo, the props are made with only 1, 2 or 3 128*128px diffuse maps.

And here is a new link to the end of year work video

Parallel Lines part 1
Parallel Lines part 2

vendredi 9 juillet 2010

Old Gen Characters

Here it is Stephansson, the main character of my end of year work.

As you can see there are two maps for the character. As I worked on PSP with the Fresh Engine, the map has to be color reduced, so the 256*256 had been reduced to 256 colors and the 128*128 to 16 colors.
Those one aren't reduced yet to allow to see the detail of the texturing.

Here is Namtar, Steph's demon.